Wood Kayak Paddles – Got Wood?

Today Wood Kayak Paddles are definite strides in modern innovation. The original wood kayaks of histories past had kayak paddles made of wood. Many die hard traditionalists still insist on using and carrying on the tradition of wood Kayak Paddles.

However Wood has it’s nuances, it’s heavy, it’s expensive, & over long distances you know some of your grandfathers were praying for plastic, anything lighter, and would have downright killed for a fiberglass paddle.

Wood does not come without benefits. It’s natural, it has history, and it looks damn good to boot. Far better than your average plastic or fiberglass paddle which can sometimes resemble a neon kids toy!

So the people at Mitchell Paddles, Bending Branches, & Sawyer Paddles & Oars has breathed new life into the hopes and dreams of all those diehard kayak enthusiasts who can now brag that they too…got wood! Using Carbon Fiber Composites these companies have created a hybrid WOOD/CARBON FIBER kayak paddle.

What will these things run you? Upwards of $250 claims, they aren’t cheap. But they are well designed and are the best looking  kayak paddles on the market. If kayaking is your passion, they are well worth it. We here at Go Adventure Watersports are defiantly fans.

With the Navigator, Bending Branches has combined high-tech, ultra lightweight, T-700 carbon shaft material with a proven blade design made out of rich-looking black willow wood.

The material combination provides unique flex and the unmatched fit and finish you expect from a Bending Branches paddle.

The result: a smooth pull through the water, and reduced shoulder and arm fatigue. Proprietary Rockgard protection starts at the tip and wraps around the leading edge. Each blade is reinforced with fiberglass to provide durability not seen in most lightweight paddles.

If you are looking for beauty combined with unsurpassed fit, finish and durability in a lightweight paddle that flexes to meet your paddling style, look no further.

Bending Branches wood kayak paddles

Bending Branches leads the pack in making top quality wood kayak paddles. Nothing proves that better than with the Navigator.

Bending Branches wood kayak paddles

The Navigator uses T-700 Carbon Fiber to made the kayak paddle Shaft, finishing it with a beautifully eye pleasing black willow wood paddle blade. The hybriding of material makes it super light weight.

They don’t stop there, the wood kayak paddle offers a healthy flex of which Bending Branches is famous for.

In the End, you have a easy gliding paddle stroke which smoothly glides through the water taking you along for the ride. The paddle fin is especially designed to reduce paddling and arm fatigue.

Each Paddle Blade (or fin, sorry I  like calling them fins) is additionally reinforced with fiberglass, this adds stronger longer lasting paddle that you won’t find in a cheaper light weight paddle. Bending Branches defiantly gets some gold stars for quality.

Lastly, you looking at one beautifully well designed paddle, with an amazing wood finish that is flexible enough to meet any kayak paddles style and design preferences. I am personally in love with wood kayak paddles.

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