What You Must Expect from Surf Kayaking? Just Loving Beach Kayaking

Everybody knows what surfing is. But do you know its difference to surf kayaking?

Check out this video to know more about surf kayaking:

If it is the first time you heard of surf kayaking, then, you must read this article to know the difference between the two.

Surfing by means of a kayak is a new trend in the surf scene. You can try it to determine which is better. Surfing and surf kayaking are both done by means of catching waves. But the difference between them is that kayakers are more movable than surfers because they use paddle. Another difference is the fact that board surfers are able to stand while kayakers are should always sit down.

The difference between the two is quite interesting as it is easier to surf while sitting on the board instead of standing on it. But most people are accustomed to stand on the board when surfing for the reason that it is more thrilling and exciting to do.

With regards to safety, the kayak surfers cannot disconnect themselves from the kayak when emergency happens unlike the board surfers. For this reason, they are at a higher risk of tipping over while being connected on the boat. That is why most kayak surfers suffer from head injuries while performing tricks. Thus, it is of the essence that surf kayakers use helmets to protect their heads in case of emergency.

There are several kinds of kayaks meant for surfing. These include touring kayaks, recreational, hybrid, wave witch and waveskis. But are you wondering why surf kayaking is better than board surfing? The following are some of the requirements to think about in selecting a kayak for surfing:

1. Safety

It is necessary that the kayak that you will be using is perfectly secure and reliable. But to ensure utmost safety while riding on the kayak, the kayakers are required to wear helmets to protect their head in case they fall into the water.

2. Easy to maneuver

The kayak must be easy to maneuver. This is very important because this can affect the kayaker’s performance in changing directions and executing tricks. A kayak that is not functioning properly can lead to problems that may put the rider’s life in danger.

3. Swiftness

Always remember that surfing kayaks are not the same as whitewater kayaks. Why is it so? It is because they are not designed to come up the watercourse. A slow-moving kayak is difficult to release against huge waves. It does not have the capacity to crash through the waves.

4. Ease and Comfort

Surf kayaking is regarded as an extreme water sport. However, it does not entail that the kayaker should endure body pain such as cramps, back ache and numbness of the legs. Most surf kayakers endure these problems because they remain seated during the ride. They are unlike those board surfers who can change in different positions while performing their stunts or tricks.

All things considered, you are now ready to start your surf kayaking adventure. But, before you set foot in this activity, you must analyze the waves first. Right timing is important when surfing using a kayak. Before you launch the kayak into the sea, make sure that you know what to expect from it. You also need to learn how to calculate the gaps between waves.

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