Surf Kayaking – The Adventure of a Lifetime – Kinds of Surf Kayaks

“Surf Kayaking! The Next Level!”

Do you like to experience thrilling adventure that you will never forget? Why not try surf kayaking. It is a new water sport that most whitewater kayakers are keen on these days. In fact, it is a good crossover activity for whitewater kayakers. The only difference that you are catching waves at the seaside.

Although whitewater kayaking has its own adventure and techniques, surf kayaking also offers q unique water challenge. It is paddling against the huge volley of waves. And the good thing about this activity is that if offers many space and waves for all kayakers in the beach.

The Pros

Unlike the traditional surfing game, surf kayakers have a distinctive head start to those riders out there. They have the ability to acquire and crash into just about any kind of wave. On the other hand, surfers need to ride out the waves and be in the correct spot and have the right timing to paddle. The advantage of surf kayakers is that they do no need to be anxious in any of these. The kayak and paddle allows them to get through the waves and be in the proper position without much effort. In case, they are not in the right spot, they can always catch waves whenever they can.

In view of that, surf kayaking is definitely a unique water sport adventure that you will not regret trying. Don’t you know that kayaking is one of the vest ways to take pleasure in the ocean? What makes it enjoyable is the thrill of catching ocean waves. Nearly all kayaks can be surfed in some way. But there are also some kayaks that are especially made for surfing.

Here are some of the kayaks used in surfing:

1. Recreational kayaks – These are perfect for fun surfing. These are usually shorter 11 feet. They have smooth hull and upswept arc which allows them to function well on waves. Those kayaks which are longer than the usual can move faster. But they are only meant for small waves.

2. Touring kayaks – They are ideal for surfing in fairly small waves. They are also suitable for sailing the beach and training to catch waves by kayaking. If you will be using the kayak in a spot with standard waves, it should comprise a more horizontal base, rounded tap and powerful rudder.

3. Wave skis – These are considered as the best kayak for surfing. It is known for its high performance and is especially designed for riding waves. In essence, they are surfboards that you row using a kayak paddle. Usually, they have surf-style fins, seat belt, and foot band. They are small, measuring about 6 to 9 feet.

4. Wave witches – These include a rudder that resembles a fin. The fin is usually on the hydroplaning hull. But sometimes they also have fins on the side. Usually, the longer models of these kayaks are somewhat similar to a touring kayak. The shorter versions are the ones specifically designed for waves.

5. Hybrid wave skis – They are small and they contain a hull that is wide open. Compared to the wave skis, they o not offer very high performance in surfing.

On the whole, it is important to choose the appropriate type of surfing kayak before you engage in this sport. When picking a kayak, you need to take into account the kind of wave that you will be riding. Also, you have to know how much open water sailing you would like to perform. You may also rent various kinds of surfing kayaks before you buy one.

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