Basic Spearfishing Techniques & Tips

So you have decided that you wanted to try your hand at spearfishing, that’s great! But before you get started here are a few spearfishing techniques and tips before you take the plunge.

1. Have the Right Spearfishing Gear

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Before you can practice your “spearfishing techniques”, you need to make sure you have the proper gear. Being underwater can be an amazing experience, but only if you aren’t bogged down by heavy and unnecessary equipment. Talk to experienced spearfishing pros online or at your local spearfishing shop to get an idea on what you really need and don’t need.

Having the right spearfishing gear will allow you to progress from a novice to a pro in no time.

2. Be “Spearfishing” Fit

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Spearfishing is a physically demanding sport and hobby. Proper spearfishing techniques require that you be in good health. A good mix of strength and aerobic exercises will help build your stamina and keep you from getting winded quickly underwater. Swimming should be a no-brainer exercise for you, this will help target all of the correct muscle groups and increase your spearfishing performance. If you plan on doing snorkeling or free diving spearfishing, practice your breathing techniques so you can safely stay underwater for longer periods of time.

3. Spearfishing Buoyancy Techniques

Understanding the principals of buoyancy is one of the biggest spearfishing techniques you need to comprehend and master. Knowing that the more energy you use to get to your desired depth, the more oxygen your body uses. If you are spearfishing with a snorkel or free diving, this is even a bigger issue. So a huge spearfishing tip is to use a weight belt. A weight belt is a crucial piece of equipment in spearfishing, as it helps you conserve energy, and stay in position on the water’s bottom.

4. Carry a Knife When You Go Spearfishing

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Carrying a knife with your while you spearfish is important and necessary . The knife serves a multitude of purposes while you are underwater.

First, it is used as a humane method of dispatching a fish if your initial hit with the spear did not kill it. There is a proper technique to this in spearfishing and can be found with an easy Google search of “Iki jime a fish” and you’ll find plenty of resources to show you how it is properly done.

Next, a knife is essential to getting untangled from lines. It happens, more often than you think and you’ll be happy that you remembered your knife while spearfishing.

Lastly of course, is a knife for protection. Remember while you are underwater practicing your newest spearfishing techniques that you in a completely different environment. There is a whole new list of predators in the water that you need to be vigilant for. You should always be aware of your surrounds while spearfishing and be prepared for what may be around that rock or over the ledge.

5. Know Your Speargun

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Remember that a speargun is a weapon. Keep in mind while using it of recoil and distance that your spear can travel while you track your targets. There are plenty of documented cases of people spearfishing and coming back up to the surface with a bloody lip or black eye because of a nasty punch from their speargun. Proper grip and technique will keep you spearfishing, injury free.

6. Where You Spearfish

Each location is completely different. If you are spearfishing on a reef, in a bay, or even in a lake, each environment is different. You need to make sure you are familiar with the underwater terrain and what to expect once you are under. A practiced and knowledgeable spearfishman is a good spearfisherman.

So there you have it, basic spearfishing techniques and tips that everyone should know. After hunting down a big fish, the next thing you want to do might be to enjoy a delicious meal with roasted fish. Collect some firewood or get some coal to roast fish, prepare some beverages, then enjoy!