Drive the Great Ocean Road and Have An Ultimate Road Trip

Do you know the hidden story behind Mercedes-Benz cars? Well, if not, then here’s a short overview. In 1888 a woman names Bertha Benz hopped into her invented automobile and traveled a number of miles to her mother’s house. That travel was considered to be the best marketing strategy that leads to a successful business which is car manufacturing and the brand name is Mercedes-Brand.

There are lots of people that believe that it is a good experience for a person to have a road trip. According to the famous psychiatrist named Carl Jung, road trip is a persistent element human nature. This quote means that it is a natural desire of a person to move, experience new things and take adventure and discover something about the world and about him. There are lots of pleasures that road trip brings, you will pass by lots of beautiful sceneries, you will meet new people and places and you will discover the wonders that the world brings. In Australia, there is a famous place that is loved by people who are keen on road tripping – the Great Ocean Road.

In the road, you will see the magnificent landscape that features the Pacific Ocean and the rain forest surrounding it. If you are into a unique view, you can take a look at the splendid rock formation and the stunning sandstone cliffs.


Aside from the view, you will also be delightful with the food trips along the way when you pass by the Great Ocean Road. Even when you prepare the food that you will be bringing during the trip is a great adventure.


Undeniably, the Great Ocean Road is among the many places in the world that should be visited and explored for a long period of time. There are lots of things that will make you amaze and it will also show you how wonderful the world is. If you decide to stay in one place overnight, it would be a great experience to spend the night along the beach in your camping tent.

outdoor equipment

Outdoor Equipment Like Tent Camping Gear, Maximizing The Fun And Safety At The Same Time

The fun thing to watch about the “Man vs. Wild” is that Bear Grylls can make something out of nothing. Knowing so much about things that we use on a daily basis enables him to use them in some other ways that none of us can do. With his knowledge on these things and in surviving the wild, it gives us something new to watch that is not just for entertainment but also it teaches us some of the basics of how to survive in the wild.But with the advancement of our technology today, it gives us (especially for those who enjoy adventurous activities like hiking, rock climbing etc.) wide range of gadgets and gears that we can use to help us survive the wildlife and experience the breathtaking activities in the wild without putting in line our safety.Though with all those outdoor equipment available in the market it does not necessarily mean that you need to bring all of those when you go for an outdoor camping. It’s very important to know where are you going and what type of adventure will you be encountering, will it be hiking, climbing or camping and know what are the things you need the most so you won’t stuffed overstuffed your backpacks with unnecessary things.sunny-day-in-forest-and-shoesWrist watches that acts like a compass, sunglasses that can record a POV video, these are just some of the gadgets you can bring that can help you with your adventure and still be safe while using it. You don’t need to have the best survival skills just to enjoy your adventurous activities. With the best and ideal gadgets on store, you can maximize the fun of your adventure.


How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Maintaining  your regular exercise routine is put to a challenge when you travel. It is more difficult to continue your fitness activities, especially when you have little to no equipment. Here are training drills that require less space and no equipments other than a good heart rate monitor.

Swimming Drills

Catch up


Swimming is a sport that focuses more on body form and positioning. Position both of your hands outstretched in front of you. Start swimming forward with one hand, making a full stroke until it reaches its original position (outstretched in front of you). Afterwards, move your other hand to take another full stroke. This is called “catch up” because one hand can’t pull through unless the other catches up in front of the head. This is done to keep swimmers from pulling too late or too soon.

One arm

Start with both arms outstretched. As the name dictates, bring yourself across the pool using only one arm. Keep the other arm outstretched. Switch to your other arm to swim across another full length of the pool.

Side Kick

Side kicks are done to keep a good balance. Position yourself facing the left wall of the pool. Outstretch your right hand and place your left hand  on your side. Swim sideways and try to maintain that position. Do the other way around. Face the right side of the pool, left hand outstretched, and right hand on your side, then move using side kicks. Practice your side kicks; use Kickboards if needed.

Cycling Drills

One leg


Strengthen each of your legs by doing leg isolation practices. Pedal for a minute with one leg, then switch to the other. Do this for five times on both legs before you do the two leg cycling. It’s recommended that you do this exercise with an indoor recumbent bike, you can find it at a gym in your hotel or somewhere nearby!

High RPM (Revolution per Minute)

Pedal with higher RPM five minutes before your each workout. Increase your cycling cadence to 10-20 RPMs higher than your comfort zone.

Running Drills


Long Strides

Find a flat, straight road where you could run. Lengthening your strides requires flexibility. Start on easy pace with this routine to avoid injuries. The foot will touch the ground slightly, while the other leg is cycling forward to make the next stride. Since the foot barely stays on the ground for each stride, and the runner would be airborne between each step.

High Knees

Do a stationary run. Lift your knees up to waist level or as high as you could. This helps improve your running form and speed.

Run Backwards

Try walking backwards after your run. This will exercise the other muscles of your legs. Start with a minute of backward walk, then gradually increase your minutes. If you are already used to walking backwards, go for a slow jog. Remember to keep an eye for your surroundings when doing this, to avoid accidents.

Doing your regular exercise when travelling is possible despite the fact that your location is different from what you’re used to. But, with todays inclination to health, it makes it possible for you to continuously monitor your fitness routine.

Sport centers usually form part of hotels; gyms and other exercise facilities are located everywhere; fitness trackers like a heart rate monitor and pedometer are just a click away. Almost everything you need is at hand.

Besides, you could always stick to the traditional exercise if these are not available in your location. Whether you’re travelling or not, your endeavor to attain a fit lifestyle is solely up to you.


Surf Kayaking – The Adventure of a Lifetime – Kinds of Surf Kayaks

“Surf Kayaking! The Next Level!”

Do you like to experience thrilling adventure that you will never forget? Why not try surf kayaking. It is a new water sport that most whitewater kayakers are keen on these days. In fact, it is a good crossover activity for whitewater kayakers. The only difference that you are catching waves at the seaside.

Although whitewater kayaking has its own adventure and techniques, surf kayaking also offers q unique water challenge. It is paddling against the huge volley of waves. And the good thing about this activity is that if offers many space and waves for all kayakers in the beach.

The Pros

Unlike the traditional surfing game, surf kayakers have a distinctive head start to those riders out there. They have the ability to acquire and crash into just about any kind of wave. On the other hand, surfers need to ride out the waves and be in the correct spot and have the right timing to paddle. The advantage of surf kayakers is that they do no need to be anxious in any of these. The kayak and paddle allows them to get through the waves and be in the proper position without much effort. In case, they are not in the right spot, they can always catch waves whenever they can.

In view of that, surf kayaking is definitely a unique water sport adventure that you will not regret trying. Don’t you know that kayaking is one of the vest ways to take pleasure in the ocean? What makes it enjoyable is the thrill of catching ocean waves. Nearly all kayaks can be surfed in some way. But there are also some kayaks that are especially made for surfing.

Here are some of the kayaks used in surfing:

1. Recreational kayaks – These are perfect for fun surfing. These are usually shorter 11 feet. They have smooth hull and upswept arc which allows them to function well on waves. Those kayaks which are longer than the usual can move faster. But they are only meant for small waves.

2. Touring kayaks – They are ideal for surfing in fairly small waves. They are also suitable for sailing the beach and training to catch waves by kayaking. If you will be using the kayak in a spot with standard waves, it should comprise a more horizontal base, rounded tap and powerful rudder.

3. Wave skis – These are considered as the best kayak for surfing. It is known for its high performance and is especially designed for riding waves. In essence, they are surfboards that you row using a kayak paddle. Usually, they have surf-style fins, seat belt, and foot band. They are small, measuring about 6 to 9 feet.

4. Wave witches – These include a rudder that resembles a fin. The fin is usually on the hydroplaning hull. But sometimes they also have fins on the side. Usually, the longer models of these kayaks are somewhat similar to a touring kayak. The shorter versions are the ones specifically designed for waves.

5. Hybrid wave skis – They are small and they contain a hull that is wide open. Compared to the wave skis, they o not offer very high performance in surfing.

On the whole, it is important to choose the appropriate type of surfing kayak before you engage in this sport. When picking a kayak, you need to take into account the kind of wave that you will be riding. Also, you have to know how much open water sailing you would like to perform. You may also rent various kinds of surfing kayaks before you buy one.


Recreational Kayaking – The Perfect Activity for the Whole Gang

“Taking a recreational kayaking adventure is amazingly popular now”

In this day and age, a lot of people are pressured to get the appropriate leisure pursuit that the whole family will definitely like. But, of course, this has to be in accordance with their budget. A recreational activity that is fairly economical, stress-free and good for your health. Do you want to know what sport can give all of these benefits? It is no other than recreational kayaking. This is a kind of water sport that is suitable for all age groups.

Kayaking is a recreational water activity that offers wide-ranging benefits. Normally, the fundamental kayaking skills can be learned within two days. You can even select the level of challenge that you like to do. You also have the choice on how much energy you would like to capitalize on. You may kayak for about an hour or you may want to take a recreational kayaking trip for a week or two.

In Choosing a Kayak:

There are many things to consider when picking a kayak to be used for your trip. A kayak enables you to see the beautiful sights of nature and get pleasure from the breathtaking scenery that you cannot see everyday. Here are some factors to take into consideration when selecting a kayak:

  • The Place – The first thing that you have to think about when shopping for a kayak is the place where you will be going. Are you kayaking on a stream, lake, pond, or sea?
  • The Distance – Are you kayaking in a mile or further than that? This may also influence the storage capacity that you need.
  • Group or Tandem – Are you paddling in a group or as a partner or just solo? You will need a more transportable kayak if you will paddle in solo. This is important for easy keeping as well as carrying.
  • Intensity of skill –Are you an expert in kayaking? Are you a beginner or intermediate? If you are already advanced, you need a kayak with the highest performance.
  • Storage – If you want easy storing, you must choose the inflatable type of kayak. Hard-shells kayaks are heavy.

You need to know all these things before you go on with your kayak shopping agenda. Choosing the right kayak is essential to achieve a great recreational kayaking experience. You see recreational kayaking is easy to do if you are equipped with the right kind of kayak boat and supplies.

“Basically, recreational kayaks are ideal if you want easy to use a boat that is easy to maneuver.”

What makes these kayaks different from the rest is that they are usually comprised of tiny storage space and are perfect for short day tours.

Hence, recreational kayaking is suitable for day trips. Aside from that, it is also low-cost and nature-friendly compared to other sports. If you choose this leisure activity, you will definitely not regret the experience. It is the outdoor experience that every adventurous and nature-loving people will surely love. So, will you dare to try this extreme sport?


Wood Kayak Paddles – Got Wood?

Today Wood Kayak Paddles are definite strides in modern innovation. The original wood kayaks of histories past had kayak paddles made of wood. Many die hard traditionalists still insist on using and carrying on the tradition of wood Kayak Paddles.

However Wood has it’s nuances, it’s heavy, it’s expensive, & over long distances you know some of your grandfathers were praying for plastic, anything lighter, and would have downright killed for a fiberglass paddle.

Wood does not come without benefits. It’s natural, it has history, and it looks damn good to boot. Far better than your average plastic or fiberglass paddle which can sometimes resemble a neon kids toy!

So the people at Mitchell Paddles, Bending Branches, & Sawyer Paddles & Oars has breathed new life into the hopes and dreams of all those diehard kayak enthusiasts who can now brag that they too…got wood! Using Carbon Fiber Composites these companies have created a hybrid WOOD/CARBON FIBER kayak paddle.

What will these things run you? Upwards of $250 claims, they aren’t cheap. But they are well designed and are the best looking  kayak paddles on the market. If kayaking is your passion, they are well worth it. We here at Go Adventure Watersports are defiantly fans.

With the Navigator, Bending Branches has combined high-tech, ultra lightweight, T-700 carbon shaft material with a proven blade design made out of rich-looking black willow wood.

The material combination provides unique flex and the unmatched fit and finish you expect from a Bending Branches paddle.

The result: a smooth pull through the water, and reduced shoulder and arm fatigue. Proprietary Rockgard protection starts at the tip and wraps around the leading edge. Each blade is reinforced with fiberglass to provide durability not seen in most lightweight paddles.

If you are looking for beauty combined with unsurpassed fit, finish and durability in a lightweight paddle that flexes to meet your paddling style, look no further.


Bending Branches wood kayak paddles

Bending Branches leads the pack in making top quality wood kayak paddles. Nothing proves that better than with the Navigator.

Bending Branches wood kayak paddles

The Navigator uses T-700 Carbon Fiber to made the kayak paddle Shaft, finishing it with a beautifully eye pleasing black willow wood paddle blade. The hybriding of material makes it super light weight.

They don’t stop there, the wood kayak paddle offers a healthy flex of which Bending Branches is famous for.

In the End, you have a easy gliding paddle stroke which smoothly glides through the water taking you along for the ride. The paddle fin is especially designed to reduce paddling and arm fatigue.

Each Paddle Blade (or fin, sorry I  like calling them fins) is additionally reinforced with fiberglass, this adds stronger longer lasting paddle that you won’t find in a cheaper light weight paddle. Bending Branches defiantly gets some gold stars for quality.

Lastly, you looking at one beautifully well designed paddle, with an amazing wood finish that is flexible enough to meet any kayak paddles style and design preferences. I am personally in love with wood kayak paddles.


Inflatable Kayaking – Top 5 Advantages that You Should Remember

Is it the first time that you will go on inflatable kayaking?

If you like to be on the water, then this is a great hobby that you can develop.  Well, there are so many things about kayaking that you need to know first before you engage in this unique recreational sport. There are a lot of advantages of kayaking. By taking all these advantages into account, you can truly get pleasure from the great outdoor adventure that you have been yearning for.

What Is In Store For You?

1. Relieves Stress

People are often busy with work and their family. The tendency is that they end up getting stressed out and tense. A good way to reduce the stress that you experience from your day to day life is by inflatable kayaking. Being at peace is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. When you engage in kayaking, you get to take a breather and appreciate the beauty of nature. This has been verified as a very effective means to bring down stress. As a result, you get to feel a complete sense of bliss and peacefulness.

2. Quality time to bond with your family and friends

Kayaking is a good experience to spend time with your family or friends. Kayaking with a group builds camaraderie since you paddle together to achieve a common goal, which is to reach the finish line. Because of the great benefits of inflatable kayaking, everyone is encouraged to join in this sport, whether for children or adults. The memories that you spend together while riding the kayak together are beyond words and beyond compare.

3. Being one with nature

Inflatable kayaking is a great way to enjoy nature. You are able to enjoy the wonderful surroundings, the plants and animals and the clean air. Kayak is environmental-friendly. It does not use motor which is known to contain some harmful pollutants in the environment. When you use it, you only need your own power to move you through the water. It does not create noise and air pollution – just natural joy and ecstasy.

4. Easy on the pocket

Aside from being nature-friendly, inflatable kayaking is also considered as a very easy on the pocket activity. Inflatable kayaks are inexpensive. There is not much maintenance. In this sport, you just need an inflatable kayak and the proper gear. Inflatable kayaks are much cheaper than the hard shell kayaks.

5. Great portability

Inflatable kayaks are very handy compared to other kayaks. You can carry and bring them anywhere you go. You can even store the kayaks easily by deflating them when not in use.

So, if you like kayaking, it is best to use the inflatable type of kayak. Whitewater inflatable kayaking is indeed a great outdoor experience that you must try. It is exciting, amusing and convenient. There are other kinds of water sports that you may want to consider if you do not like the idea of inflatable kayaking. There is the snowboarding, water skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, and others.


Inflatable Kayaking – The Water Sport Adventure for All

“Everyone Seems To Love An Inflatable Kayaking Adventure!”


People who love to stay outdoors are usually adventurous. Bold and daring people are enthusiastic about fun activities such as hiking, fishing, climbing and biking. However, if you are the type of person who wants to experience thrill and excitement to the fullest, then inflatable kayaking is a good sport that you can take.

Today, there are numerous resources on kayaking that are available. This makes it easy for you to get the kayak gear and accessories that you require. When it comes to the kayak, they vary depending on the materials which they are made of. There are kayaks that are made from fiberglass, plastic, and woods. Also, there are various designs of inflatable kayaks to choose from.

Inflatable kayaks are great for whitewater kayaking. This is because they are easy to carry. You can even put them inside your bag whichever destination you go. What makes them easy to transport is the fact that you can deflate them after using.  These kayaks can be inflated by means of electric pumps, foot pumps, or even hand pumps.

If you plan to take a kayaking adventure but you do not like to carry heavy kayaks, then the inflatable one is the best alternative. It is not only handy and convenient but it is also easy to maneuver. But the disadvantage of this type compared to the traditional kayak is that it requires great effort to paddle. Its speed is also much slower than the regular kayak.

Because the majority of the kayaks are produce in puffy inside cubicles, they have greater tendency to stay upstanding. In addition, they are also prick resistant and are easy to repair in case a puncture occurs.

When it comes to the design, inflatable kayaks are preferred by many because it can be stored easily. You can shrink it, fold it up, and stuff it in your bag for easy transport. Its storage feature makes it easier to keep. As a result, it has longer life compared to other types of kayaks.

If you like this water sport, it is not hard to find the kayak that you will be using. There are several choices of inflatable kayaks on the internet. The worldwide web offers a wide range of kayaking accessories and supplies to match your specific needs particularly your budget.

“Kayaking, whether it is in whitewater or ocean, is definitely a fun activity.”

There is a broad range of kayaks to be used. But, it is better to use inflatable kayaks than the traditional one. It offers numerous benefits to the rider such as:

The Benefits:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Safe to use
  • Environmental-friendly

So, what more could you ask for? Kayaking is a very good water sport for people of all ages. But if you plan to take this kind of adventure, it is best to use the inflatable kayak. It is very beneficial to use compared to the bulky and heavily built kayak.


What You Must Expect from Surf Kayaking? Just Loving Beach Kayaking

Everybody knows what surfing is. But do you know its difference to surf kayaking?

Check out this video to know more about surf kayaking:

If it is the first time you heard of surf kayaking, then, you must read this article to know the difference between the two.

Surfing by means of a kayak is a new trend in the surf scene. You can try it to determine which is better. Surfing and surf kayaking are both done by means of catching waves. But the difference between them is that kayakers are more movable than surfers because they use paddle. Another difference is the fact that board surfers are able to stand while kayakers are should always sit down.

The difference between the two is quite interesting as it is easier to surf while sitting on the board instead of standing on it. But most people are accustomed to stand on the board when surfing for the reason that it is more thrilling and exciting to do.

With regards to safety, the kayak surfers cannot disconnect themselves from the kayak when emergency happens unlike the board surfers. For this reason, they are at a higher risk of tipping over while being connected on the boat. That is why most kayak surfers suffer from head injuries while performing tricks. Thus, it is of the essence that surf kayakers use helmets to protect their heads in case of emergency.

There are several kinds of kayaks meant for surfing. These include touring kayaks, recreational, hybrid, wave witch and waveskis. But are you wondering why surf kayaking is better than board surfing? The following are some of the requirements to think about in selecting a kayak for surfing:

1. Safety

It is necessary that the kayak that you will be using is perfectly secure and reliable. But to ensure utmost safety while riding on the kayak, the kayakers are required to wear helmets to protect their head in case they fall into the water.

2. Easy to maneuver

The kayak must be easy to maneuver. This is very important because this can affect the kayaker’s performance in changing directions and executing tricks. A kayak that is not functioning properly can lead to problems that may put the rider’s life in danger.

3. Swiftness

Always remember that surfing kayaks are not the same as whitewater kayaks. Why is it so? It is because they are not designed to come up the watercourse. A slow-moving kayak is difficult to release against huge waves. It does not have the capacity to crash through the waves.

4. Ease and Comfort

Surf kayaking is regarded as an extreme water sport. However, it does not entail that the kayaker should endure body pain such as cramps, back ache and numbness of the legs. Most surf kayakers endure these problems because they remain seated during the ride. They are unlike those board surfers who can change in different positions while performing their stunts or tricks.

All things considered, you are now ready to start your surf kayaking adventure. But, before you set foot in this activity, you must analyze the waves first. Right timing is important when surfing using a kayak. Before you launch the kayak into the sea, make sure that you know what to expect from it. You also need to learn how to calculate the gaps between waves.


What You Ought to Know About Wakeboarding


“Wakeboarding! Watersport of the Daring!”

There are different kinds of water sports today that draw lots of people to become daring and adventurous. One of the latest water adventures that you can try is wakeboarding. It is said to be among the best ways to relieve stress and have fun. But, do you want to know how wakeboarding came about? Then, you should read this article to get to know the sport better.

Wakeboarding is a combination of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. It usually utilizes a single large plank unlike the water skiing that uses two long boards fastened on your feet. Rubber bindings are also used to fasten the feet of the rider on the board. However, this activity is somewhat frightening at the beginning. You must learn the basic steps first before you can truly enjoy this unique water sport adventure.

If you like thrill and adventure, then this is the perfect water activity for you. Although, this is a fairly new kind of board sport, it has already gained some recognition from different people from all over the world.

Typically, when you do this sport, you are being towed at the back of a vessel or watercraft. The wakeboard is characterized by small base fins and rigid booty sort of strap. It is especially designed to float on the surface of water, hurdle and spin. Professional wake boarders can even take to the air or float over the water by flipping the board or rolling it on the heels.  Normally, the boarder rides on it to one side similar to a skateboard.

“Wakeboarding seems to be easy”

But the truth is that there are several tricks you need to learn before you can be skilled at the sport. Remember that this activity has two basic gears, namely: the wakeboard and the wakeropes. The wakeboard varies in length and width. For this reason, it is highly recommended that beginners use the long boards that have square edges. These boards are easier to control than the round-edged boards. On the other hand, the rounded boards have the ability to increase speed which makes them faster to lift when doing some tricks.

Other things that professional wakeboard riders consider are the design of the board, bindings, rockers, and fins. It is of the essence to choose bindings that offer snug support for the rider’s feet.  The wakerope to be used may differ according to stretch and length. Usually, the wakerope ranges between 60 to 70 feet long. They also vary depending on the design. Some wakeropes have adjustment loops. But if you intend to do air tricks, it is better to use a firm and rigid rope.

Today, there is a wide assortment of accessories that you can put in your wakeboard. There is the wakeboard tower that offers superior pull and strength. It also allows the rider to achieve greater air height needed in executing some tricks. Other wakeboard accessories that are available are speakers, lights, racks, handles and helmets. These accessories are very important because they give life to the activity. So, if you think you are ready for this kind of adventure, make sure you are equipped with the proper gear and apparel to ensure utmost performance and safety.